About Us

We, at NetRev Ventures, create and develop products, platforms and services for businesses who want to invest in digital marketing and online advertising as a new way of promoting products and services in this internet revolution.

A NetRev Partnership

We are looking for Freelance/Agency Partners who want to replicate a successful digital agency business model we created and promote our products and services for multiple streams of income. 


To help Filipino digital agency owners create scalable digital agency businesses to help other Entrepreneurs grow their local businesses.


To have a positive impact in the digital agency business landscape where we help digital agencies become profitable and ultimately help more local businesses thrive online.


To be open, fair, and transparent and work with integrity when dealing with our clients so we can make them digital marketing campaigns that actually drive profits.

The NetRev FAM

We help Philippine-based digital agencies thrive.

Digital Marketing is no doubt one of the fastest growing industries during the pandemic because a lot of people are going online to find work, build businesses, learn new skills, and so much more.

Filipinos are turning into freelance online jobs to earn income without going out of their homes and there are some who have done it very successfully where they now generate income online full-time.

A lot of people are also starting digital agencies whether it’s design, website development, social media, media agency or others.

After operating digital marketing agencies for more than 10 years, we have found what works and what doesn’t. We work with Advisors, Consultants, Mentors, and Coaches, to learn how to make digital agencies scalable and profitable.

As a FAM Partner, you get to access our resources and save money via our brand partnerships. You will also be able to make money from the digital products, platforms, and services that we built for Franchisees and Partners.

Netrev Ventures

Meet The Founder

We pivoted our new digital business models. We recreated brands.

Fei Yie

Fei Yie

NetRev Ventures

Founder and Investor Consultant

Manila Internet Marketing

Manila Internet Marketing was the first digital marketing agency business that mostly catered to outsourced digital marketing campaigns from outside the Philippines.

NetRev  Marketing

In 2014, we rebranded the digital marketing agency to NetRev Marketing and it has evolved to a digital business transformation agency when there came a demand for high-level digital business consultancy.

NetRev  FAM

In 2020, we noticed that many Filipinos who lost jobs came into Freelance Digital Marketing and started Digital Marketing Agencies to generate the lost income.

At NetRev FAM, we help Filipinos learn how to make money from freelancing and digital marketing agencies. We created viable systems and processes to franchise plus the instant trust and credibility as a FAM Partner.

Our New Digital Business Model

Potential Earnings With Us

Digital Services

You are already running a digital marketing, social media agency, SEO company, website development, or something related but you are exhausted.

There are no other revenue-generating activities and you realize it’s hard to find a reliable team and you end up being burned out.

Digital Products

We created digital products to sell to businesses who want to do Digital Marketing but they have a limited budget.

Joining our FAM means you have resell rights to NetRev SME and our other digital training programs. 

Make 50% of the profits as a NetRev FAM Partner. 

Digital Platforms

NetRev Ventures, our main digital venture company, is investing millions of Pesos to marketing technology platforms to help businesses and companies recover from the pandemic. 

As a NetRev FAM Partner, you can also generate recurring revenue from our marketing and advertising fees.